I finally got around to painting the front room. It was on my to-do list for two whole weeks. Every day it went undone, I took comfort in knowing there is only a small number of people who actually finish everything on their to-do list every single day. Yes, the items on my to-do list always get bumped from one day to the next. I'm just glad I'm not the only bumper ;)

Back to the painting....we chose Valspar's (which I LUV because it is low in VOC's so the smell is not overwhelming) Retro-Colonial Blue. I love the color & the fact that it has the word Retro in its name is just a perk :D And we painted the bottom wallboard white. It was a hideous wood grain before. Ick. I've hated it the whole time we have lived here.

Now we just need new baseboard & trim. The projects never end :D

Oh, & don't you just love my messy table & the open bag of chips the kids left out?? One day they will clean up after themselves. One day.....

The color of our new walls kinda reminds me of these delicious blueberries. We had some with our pancakes & eggs last night. Seriously yummy. And yes, I am wearing Mike's apron. And yes, he does cook. Sometimes. And yes, I really need to make myself a cute apron.

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