dessert night//makin' whoopie.....pies, that is

Thursday night of every week is officially deemed Dessert Night in our home.  I needed to find a way to cut down on the constant requests for junk food from four hungry mouths and this seemed to be the perfect solution.  We've had this system in place for a couple of years now.  Typically, I lean toward the lazy side and scoop them some ice cream that we almost always have on hand.  Then there are the occasional batch of brownies I whip up earlier in the day.  I took some cake decorating classes a while back and we more cake than we could stand for 3 months straight.

I had the urge to make something different for this week's dessert, but didn't have much more than basic ingredients in my pantry.  So I got to work, going through my cookbooks to see if there was a simple, yet yummy recipe I could make work with what I had on hand.  Martha Stewart came to the rescue and I had just what I needed to make whoopie pies with chocolate frosting filling.

[Find the recipe HERE.  I made my own frosting filling.]

I overheard Carter say they were better than Nana's whoopie pies.  Gasp!  A comment like that is unheard of from this boy, so I'll be adding this to our favorites and tuck it away for a future occasion.

Happy Baking!


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    1. They were super sweet for our tastebuds and my whole family loved them. You can't go wrong with a Martha Stewart recipe!


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