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As the summer drew to a close, and preparations for the school year were being made, we decided to take the plunge and ditch the traditional paper bags & sandwich baggies for reusable containers.  With four kids and lots of dishes to do on a regular basis, we decided an economical choice would be to purchase a large box of rubbermaid containers in various sizes.  That way I could have backup containers if needed.   So far our system is working well and I love that we are helping out the environment in some small way.

In doing a little online hunting via Pinterest, I found 3 totally adorable bento boxes that may just end up in our cupboards next school year.  There are so many cute bento boxes out there and I admit they are so cute that I want them all.

1.  Boon Trunk Snack Box via Amazon
2.  Plots to Snack On Bento Box via ModCloth
3.  Kotobuki Panda Face Bento Box via Amazon

So I wanna know....do you use bento boxes?  Do you have a favorite brand or lunch you like to pack in them for your kiddos?  Share in the comments!


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