Valentines with Sass

The Sassafras blog is a daily read for me. I get so much inspiration from their posts. This week, they have come up with fun daily challenges. It's got an "out with the old Sassafras stash you have so you can make room for the new cute stuff they have" theme to it. Now I love Sass, but must admit I don't have lots of their products tucked away in my storage cabinets. It's a sad sad thing. But I do have a handful of stickers, so I decided to play along & come up with something for Monday's challenge - valentines for my 4 little monsters.

For my biggest monster of all - Noah.

This one's for Carter - he would dress up in his church suits every day if I let him :)

This is for my sweet Hailey. I used acetate from some Sass product packaging.

I love this one :)

Tate is going to get this one since she loves loves loves flowers. I took some monstrosity paper & wrapped a little stick for the stem & layered some Sass stickers on top. And the background is Sass packaging - I just cut off the top where the logo is. Cute, eh?

I had fun playing along....now I think it's time I get my hands on some new Sass!!

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