We have 2 computers in the house & they are both broken. And they are so old that I'm not really sure I want to fix them. We've been getting by on these old machines for years now. It's time for a new one. My vote is a new Apple. But I'm sure hubby's vote is to fix what we have. And then we'll buy an Apple when we can afford it. And I know he's right. Dang it! ;) So for now, my posts are brought to you via our ancient lap top the hubbs got when he was in grad school. We use it on an "emergency only" basis. So again, sadly, I will not be posting pictures today. Instead I will let you imagine what I'm up to......the paper wreath is coming along nicely. The kids get out of school early today & I'm making chocolate chip cookie bars to celebrate (because cooking the dough all at once is so much easier (and faster!) than making individual cookies). I will come up with any excuse to make cookies. What's your favorite (& quick) recipe??

Have a lovely Friday!

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