I just finished up a delicious Odwalla Super Food drink. Mmmmm. That really hit the spot. See the pile of folders and papers behind the super yummy drink? Those do not hit the spot. They are bills & receipts. The hubbs and I have never really been very good at budgeting - especially since he had a job that paid sporadically for half our marriage. But now he has a secure job & I decided it was time to act like I know what our money situation is. So we bought a book called "Debt Free on Any Income" by Lyle and Tracy Shamo. Yes, we have a lot of debt. It's not something we're proud of but something we are trying to conuqer. The book comes with a disk that has spreadsheets that you download onto your computer. It's going to be my task this week to fill in those spreadsheets after I tally up all those receipts. And I have to admit I'm rather excited about it!

Happy Monday. What responsible thing are you working on??

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