Just before Booga (my 2nd child - I use nicknames, remember?) was born, my mom bought me my first set of knitting needles and some funky yarn. She said it would keep me busy in the hospital since I'd be there recovering from a c-section and would probably be bored out of my mind at times. She was wrong. I slept the whole time, unless I was nursing. But her heart was in the right place. Mom showed me a basic stitch (If that is even what it's called. I am knitting lingo illiterate.) and I plugged away at it. And plugged. And plugged away some more. It took me 2 years to finish it. Which is crazy since I know there are people out there that can finish whole blankets in one afternoon. They are amazing. Me....not so much. But recently, I've had the desire to learn again. So I watched a few online demos to reteach myself how to cast on & off & have this pretty burnt orange scarf just about finished. I'm so excited. It makes me kinda giddy to do something new & it turns out just how I thought it would :)

I'm going to knit to my heart's content till the Fall & sell them in my etsy.

Speaking of etsy....my Indie Biz class is going super well. I am learning so much about the ins & outs of having my own indie business & what I need to do to get my shop up & running. It's all in the works. Good things are coming soon!

Happy Monday :) What new things are you trying??

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