There are 6 of us. So our lives pretty much revolve around 2 things - school & food. Lately, we've been into cupcakes - lemon...strawberry....with frosting....without frosting. They make a yummy treat.

Our other favorite is salad. We have it several times a week with dinner. This last week, I think I figured out our new favorite - spinach, feta & croutons. Soooooo goood :) And best of all, ALL of my kids gobbled it up. Now that's something to dance about!

What's your favorite thing to eat??


  1. cupcakes + salad sound like my find of dinner... yum!

  2. I love cupcakes with a vengeance! lol

  3. Oh the is post just made me hungry!
    I LOVE both cupcakes & salad:)

  4. Heyyy indie class mate! This looks absolutely delish! I love making leafy green salads with mango and avocado chunks, a little bit of red onion, feta cheese, and chick peas... with a nice balsamic dressing... sometimes i'll even put it all in a wrap! I'm going to go eat something now, haha! But thanks a lot for posting a link to my blog on your page, I signed up for Sitemeter as suggested in our class and I noticed someone today was referred to my blog from your page. tHank you!! :) -Joanna


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