Today's project: Book Wreath. I'm so excited to share this pretty project with you! Really. I could sit and stare at it for a good 15 minutes ;) I've been wanting something big & out of the norm to hang over my fireplace & knew this would be the perfect project.

Oh, & I don't claim to have come up with this idea on my own. I just googled "book wreath" and oooohed & ahhhhhed at them for about an hour. I gathered the materials I knew I would need and got busy. So let's get started:

step 1: gather your materials
You'll need 2 small bags of glue gun sticks, a glue gun, distressing ink (I like Tim Holtz' vintage photo ink), small piece of sponge to apply ink (mine's from Stampin' Up!), small gold pins (you can get long ones & short ones. I would get the short ones.), a old book you don't want any more, and a wreath form (mine is 19").
**I needed 1 1/2 books to make my wreath. If you make a large wreath like I did, then please make sure you find 2 books that are the same size & aged the same (paper browns over time & you want to make sure the brownness of your pages match.)

step 2: cover the wreath form
Carefully tear out some pages from your chosen book and cut the pages in half from top to bottom. Glue each strip down, letting the edges meet at the underside of the wreath. Add distressing ink to the wreath with your ink & sponge. Be careful not to tear any of your pages.

a closeup (& no, your pages do not have to be flat on the wreath form when you cover it).

step 3: gluing
Flip your wreath over so the back is now showing. Fold one page into thirds at the bottom (try not to crease the top of the page. Glue inside the creases (warning: the glue from the glue gun will be hot & your fingers will probably hurt alot while making this project). Oh, & this step took me about a week, working on it for about 45 minutes each day while making dinner at the same time. How's that for multitasking??!

Then, in the center of the back of the wreath, glue the folded side down and pin it before the glue hardens. Repeat this step until the back of the wreath is covered. Glue another row down under the completed row in an alternating fashion (meaning, I glued one row down & the next row would be closer to the center of the front of the wreath & would start in front of an empty space between 2 pages that are already glued down.). I didn't use pins for every page I glued down beyond the back 2 rows unless I glued a page down and it looked like it needed a little extra help staying in place.

step 4: hanging your wreath
Take a strong piece of thick ribbon and make a hook with it on the back of your wreath. Glue it down super good and add lots of pins to secure it. Then hang it in a fabulous place! You're done :)

Isn't it pretty?? Here's a side shot so you can see how large it is. I know the photo is dark, but when you have rootbeer colored walls, it's hard to get a good shot of anything in that room.

Of course you can always play around with how you fold the paper & the size of wreath you make. I'd love to see what you come up with. Already have one?? Please share!
Happy Monday


  1. wow! this is gorgeous and it certainly makes a statement! great job.

  2. WHOA! I was intrigued at the title, "book wreath" but I had no idea it would look like that. That is crazy looking!! I love it!! It would be a perfect gift to make for my friend who is a teacher (english!). :D Beautiful job on this!

  3. Anna, you are so talented!


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