a good day

Somehow today I managed to give this little stinker a haircut.

I bribed him with a sucker, which he initially refused because he said it would get hairy. So I told him he could have one as soon as he was done. Even better, I gave him a tootsie pop. Am I good mommy or what?! ;)

Then it was off to the kitchen to make some muffins with bananas I had to set aside or else they would be gobbled up by 4 hungry mouths by dinner. Nonee pretty much made these - I just measured everything out for him. He did all the pouring, mixing & peeling of bananas. It looks like I might have a little chef on my hands - watch out!
He's a sneaky little thing too!!

Fresh from the oven....mmmmm...... And hello, those plaid cupcake holders are so freakin' cute. I'm in love with plaid all over again.
Oh, & we're trying to eat better all the time (a lifestyle change, not just a diet) & have discovered a wonderful little something called flax. I put a small handful into the muffin mixture & no one can tell the difference. I love healthy secrets :D

I gobbled one up for lunch & it was oh so delicioso.
Happy Thursday :) I'm off to pick up the older kids from school & then we'll make a pitstop at the library. Boo needs a new book to read for school. She's in 6th grade. Any suggestions??

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  1. he is so cute Anna! you are a such nice mom! I have a hard time letting them do that much!


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