still here...

Just popping in to say hello. Our main computer finally concked out on us the same day I was gonna redo my blog header. How's that for bad luck. So I'm using our other computer, which also happens to be on its last leg....microchip....whatever.... Does anyone know if Apple finances??

On top of all the techy craziness, 3 of my 4 childrens are back in school. They are already busy finishing books for reports & memorizing poems that they must recite in class. It's going to be an exhausting year, but so worth it because my kids love school. All of them. I love that I don't have to fight with them to do homework & such. They do it because they actually like to. I'm pretty sure a certain someone knows me all too well & is sure that if it was any other way I'd be on my knees crying every night. ;)

As of late, I've been up to no good. Mike has been away all week appraising properties on a reservation & will finally be back home on Friday night. :) I've managed to keep up with the housework - just close your eyes when you walk into my bedroom & see the Mt. Everest of clothes on my floor that need to be folded. Seriously all you single moms out there - you deserve gold stars & lots of hugs every day for what you do.

Now I'm off to veg on the couch, eat an ice cream bar & wait for Mike's nightly phone call.


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