gotta run.....!!

Tin foil dinners are precooking in the oven & the van is packed.  We are heading out into the dirty, dusty desert to camp for the night.  Booga's Cub Scout family campout is tonight.  So we are going - even though we all have phlegm in our throats & runny noses.  And the hubbs has been gone ALL week & won't be there to help me set up camp.  I've never put our tent up alone before.  It should be interesting...... 

So I hope you don't mind that my last rediscovering post will come later than expected.  I'm thinking maybe tomorrow afternoon sometime??  We'll see......  A disaster of some sort always happens when we camp.  I'll probably come back with a good story for ya ;)

**My 2 oldest when they were much younger.  This trip was the beginning of our camping adventures.**

Have a lovely Friday night!  Any plans??

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