vintage: suitcase style

It is so cold here this morning that the water in the hose froze.  That's downright chilly for us desert folk.  I had to turn on the heat this morning.  All this wintry weather makes me long for a warm summer on a remote island where bathing suit attire is suitable all year long.  And if I were traveling to such a place, I would love to pack my things in one of these lovelies....

I bought a set of blue ones just like this in my college days.


 I love everything about this sweet case.   There's something about red & white together that makes my heart melt.

 These floral cases are quite the pair. 

 This one is so sailor-ish.  It's fully equipped with wheels & a lock.  Oh my!

I left one just like this behind at the thrift store this weekend.  It was hard to leave without it.  I was completely in love with its cuteness.  And I kinda have a thing for this kind of red plaid right now.  Sigh.

Dreaming of vacationing anywhere?  I'd love to know.


  1. Soo nice to see someone else's passion for vintage suitcases besides me. Now you got me wanting to go on a hunt. Enjoyed your post today Anna!

  2. Yup, a certain house in Arizona... :)


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