5 Merry & Bright DIY's: Day 5

It seems Mother Nature has it out for me right now.  I just haven't been feeling well lately & finally decided I've had enough.  Dr. C is seeing me Wednesday.  Because of all this nonsense, I am days late posting my final DIY.  This one is a quickie & can last you years & years.  My grandma has been making present bags for at least 33 years.  In fact, I don't think she ever uses wrapping paper at Christmas time.  Nestled under her tree are big and small gifts hidden inside new & vintage bags. 

There is so much excitement as bags are passed from the gifter to the getter.  This sweet bag caught my eye.  I just love the holly border.  It's too late for me to plan this now, but I am definitely going to be starting this tradition next year.  That way I have all year to hunt for fun fabrics!

Christmas is almost here.  I'm pretty excited since my hubbs is getting something from moi that I know he'll love.  And my kids are getting all the sweet hook-ups from Grandmas and Grandpas.  It's going to be magical.  Tonight, we are decorating the tree.  I love the smell of fresh trees.  Mmmmm :)

Happy Monday,

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