Yes, I know I've sort of M.I.A. lately.  I've been focused on a big project - like making Prom invitations for a friend of mine for the school she teaches at.  It was quite the task & now I can relax because they are D.O.N.E.  The Mr. is happy to have his wife back ;)

And what will I do with the money I earned, you ask?  Why get a haircut, of course.  I've been wanting to chop most of it off for several months now & donate it to Locks of Love.  It's that long.  And it needs to be removed because I'm getting sick of it.   An appointment must be made tomorrow with a good salon.  Not a cheap-o chain place because I grew up going to places like that & I always ended up with bad haircuts.  If you saw my elementary school pictures, you'd agree.  So an expensive place it is!  Of course I'll share photos when it's done.

It feels weird posting with no photos, but I've not been taking many lately due to lack of time because of said project mentioned above.  But I will be back on Monday with photo filled posts & other fun ramblings.

Have a lovely weekend,

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