leapin' lizards!

I was in painting mode this weekend, freshening up our living room with a new coat of Silver Sateen.  We have a loveseat that needed to be pushed away from the wall so I could paint behind it.  Well when I removed said loveseat, I saw a tail of something & that it scurried away in a snake-like fashion.  Now I am terrified of snakes {and that's a big understatement} so some screaming was in order.  I don't think I've screamed like that since having a ride on Indiana Jones at Disneyland 14 years ago.  I bolted across the room, sat on top of the footstool and waited for the Mr. to come rushing in to save the day.

We saw it move again & realized it was a lizard.  Great.  My 2nd least favorite reptile.  I have no problem if lizards are outside.  That is where they belong.  But there is something sooooooo wrong with them being inside my house. 

  The beast managed to scrunch itself between a stack of old records & the wall.  We emptied Nonee's animal cage {that he totes his action figures in} and the Mr. captured it.

The kids oohed & aahed.  Booga asked if we could keep it & I'm pretty sure we all know what my answer was to that silly question.  I snapped a few shots, careful not to get too close.   Then the Mr. took it across the street and let it loose.  Good riddance.

What's the craziest pest you've found in your house??


  1. Can you just hear me laughing! :D Love ya!

  2. Mr. likes your Mr.'s gloves! ;)


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