Make It Monday: Tame Sweater Ruffles

I bought a cute sweater at DownEast Outfitters a summer or two ago.  I fell in love with the ruffles & couldn't wait to wear it.  But after the first wash, it was a disaster.  The pretty ruffles were a crazy mess.  And so it got thrown into my closet, lost in the pile of other sweaters that had no ruffles on the top shelf.  And I forgot about it.  Until I cleaned out my closet in order to purge old clothes that were donation worthy.  I saw the sweater & it practically begged me to wear it.  Okay, not really, but it just wouldn't be right to only wear something once since money absolutely does not grow on trees around here.  All it took was a little DMC embroidery thread that matched the sweater perfectly, a needle & scissors.  I simple used the thread to tack down the ruffles, but still allowing them to ruffle enough to be cute.  I knotted each stitch on the inside of the sweater so no one can see them.  Now my ruffles are tame & lovely.

The Mr. says my bag looks like it is smiling.  Yes it does.  Yes it does :)

Have a lovely day & go tame some wild ruffles in your wardrobe.

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