breakfast for dinner

I love evenings spent in. I love windows open and birds singing in the trees while I make dinner. I love the smile on the Mr.'s face when he walks in the door after a long day at work. I love to make breakfast for meals other than when it is traditionally eaten. I love big chocolate chip pancakes. I love that I can sneak in some flax seed for good health & no one notices. Heaven forbid one would try to make something like chocolate chip pancakes a little healthy ;)

I'm off to race my 7 year old on the wii.  I have a feeling she's gonna kick my trash.



  1. Oh, breakfast for dinner is the absolute best! These look ridiculously good, Anna.

  2. Chocolate chip pancakes are my absolute favorite breakfast of all time. Now I totally want to make them for dinner. :)

  3. I love chocolate chip pancakes! (Well, chocolate chip anything, let's be real) I just hopped over from Naomi's blog, I'm from Virginia and I love finding other bloggers who live here too! Just followed you, hope you're having a great weekend :)


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