hello weekend

It was drizzling this morning and my mind raced back to my childhood when I was the one waiting for the school bus in gloomy weather.   This is my favorite kind of weather.  It's overcast outside, reason enough to get cozy on the couch inside and pop in a favorite movie (after doing the daily chores, of course).   I hope the weekend is full of movies, hot chocolate and game time with the kiddos.  Of course that time will have to be squeezed in between soccer games, a trunk-or-treat, church and hurricane prep.  It's shaping up to be quite the weekend.

Do you have special plans for the weekend? 


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  1. hello anna :)
    well actually it's sunny here in Barcelona and not cold at all... and it's weird because I was so looking forward to the fall and everything you said above that I feel bad being at home!


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