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The Mr. and I went to the voting polls together this year.  He is home from work, sick with laryngitis.  Poor guy sounds like Barry White.  In September 2011, the Mr. moved to Virginia ahead of the rest of our little family.  We didn't have cable, so to pass the time in the evenings, I would watch PBS shows like Washington Week to learn about the candidates and politics.  Not only would I be better informed by the end of each night, I'd be dead tired as well which made it much easier to fall asleep without my Mr.   That said, I feel like I knew enough by the end of this campaign to know who I wanted to vote for.  I am grateful for women of our history's past that made women's suffrage a priority.  It's such a blessing to be able to participate in the voting process.

Happy voting,

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  1. So agree- it is such a privilege to be able to take part in the process.


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