dinner in the yard

We had beautiful weather a couple of weeks ago and decided an impromptu dinner in the backyard was in order.  Patio furniture is definitely on my wish list, but since we are just renting and will have another move in our future, the patio furniture will have to wait because I just don't want to pack one more thing.  We got out our square card table and had just enough camping chairs for everyone because Carter was at a friend's house.  The Mr. & I had been doing yard work for most of the day and didn't feel like cooking so we picked up some pizzas and pop to eat.

It was the perfect time to be outside.  We somehow managed to be mosquito bite free the whole evening, which was lovely because they are out in swarms now.  Gross.  We were listening to all the different types of birds we could hear and gushing over the cute bunny hanging out in our neighbor's yard when a fox made an appearance just a few yards from us and we all turned in just enough time to admire its beauty before it ran back into the woods behind our house.

The kids wanted to soak up every last minute of the evening light with a game of tag.  They played hard and were ready for baths, pajamas and a movie before heading to bed.  It really was the perfect night.

I am craving more of the outdoors lately and want to eat more dinners outside.  But I don't want the mosquitos to eat me for dinner.  Do any of you use something to keep those pesky things away?  Please share!!

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  1. how fun to have nice weather. it's too hot here already.


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