That's right! A fun little giveaway is in order to celebrate post # 1,000 on my Scrapbook.com page!! I've been a member of their fabulous community for a while now but I am just about to post for the 1,000th time!!!

So you wanna know how to win??? All you have to do is become a follower of this blog (cuz it's so fabulous and you can't get enough, right?? right.). Then comment on this post & tell me one cool thing about yourself & why you should win the RAK I'm giving away. The cheesier the better :)

No peekies as to what you'll be winning. I'm working on fabulousness and will reveal it when the winner is chosen. Besides, I like suspense. Do you??
(And can you tell that I also like the word fabulous? Yes. I do.)


  1. Hi my friend!! Glad to know your blog.Now I follo it maybe you can follow mine to http://luzmasscraplace.blogspot.com

  2. The cool thing about me is that I know you! Haha! Seriously though I am trying to teach my self to sew. Why should I win? Hmmm, I should win so that I have some crafty inspiration to draw from!

  3. Hi! I followed your blog on google reader but became a follower this morning. One cool thing about me?? How about single mom of 4 (for 18yrs) and a grandmother of 6!

  4. Hello, My name is Megan... I am now a new follower of your blog. So I guess, "Nice to meet you" is in order. I am a 28yr old mom of 3incredable children, a runner, an amature: cook, sewer, even knitting and crochet. A scrapbook addict. And on occations when the kids allow... I love to paint. Above all that I'm an absolute goofball. For instance: I need a new camping chair for my sons soccer games. Found an awesome sale at Walmart... $5. Get to the game and pull out a toddler chair...oops. $5 now made more sense. Even so, I sit in my little 2ft tall chair at every game. :-) Certainly that's worth a RAK!!

  5. I have actually visited your blog a few times...I remember wondering about your denim circles and what could you possibly have in store for us with them!!?? LOL.

    Anyway...CONGRATULATIONS on your 1,000th post! That is awesome!
    One cool thing about me...is that I a am a mom of 5 that has a serious addiction to scrapbooking, and I run my own custom cake shop...you know...like Duff on "THE ACE OF CAKES" It is SOOO not easy to juggle kids and cake! LOL...but I do it! My Art spills over into my designs of my cakes (and everything else that I do).
    Why should I win...well...here is cheesy for you...Because with kids and cakes...I could use a little something for me...and that would sooooo make me smile! Besides...my birthday is coming! (he~he)

  6. I am super duper fabulously cool because I let my boys have a gecko as a pet, and if we had another tank we'd have at least one more reptile or amphibian to add to the family.

    I should win because I love your art/scrap blog and need something just as fabulous at my house! :)

  7. Fun! Fun!!
    I should win the RAK, because My name ends with an "a" and so does yours!! haha!! Was that cheesy enough?? LOL! Oh yeah....and because you are "fabulous"!!


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