I am the Primary President in my ward (a church calling I have) and if any of you know anything about that, you know that I am surrounded by my computer, paper & new binders for next year. It's been a little (okay, a lot) crazy here this last month but I just have a few weeks to go before my life can return to normalcy. Till then, I will leave you with this bit of exciting news (well it's exciting for me at least): I am taking a scrappy class down in Tucson in February. Yes, it's 2 months away but I know it will be well worth the wait. And a definite highlight will be that I get to meet my scrappy online friend Angela who lives down that way. I always thought it would be weird/scary to meet someone for reals that you only chat with online. But I am waaay excited about meeting her & taking the 7 Gypsies class (I didn't mention that was who the class was taught by & I am super excited about that too!!). I have 6 extra seats in my van if any locals wanna come with. Just drop me a line.

Isn't it cute??

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