So.... I've been discovering new blogs lately & came across one called DeliaJude. I love her down-to-earth chatter & fun projects. A fun giveaway has been posted on her site - stop by & enter (you'll have to scroll down just a little). Oh & check out this fun art project she came up with. I have always wanted to do a silhouette plaque or wall hanging of each of my kiddos & this has got my mind buzzing with ideas.

What fun projects have you done lately?? Please share :)

I made a little cuteness of my own today. My daughter loves it. I'll share soon.....'nite!


  1. i can't wait to see what yours looks like...please do show and tell. thanks for the shout out.

  2. these are so pretty! i love that they are a different format than the usual framed silhouettes. i'm probably a big dork for saying this, but i want to do these for my two dogs:) no kiddos for me so they're my replacements!


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