I am in love with fabric flowers. I made this cute little headband for my Tate in less than an hour. Now that's my kind of project. A lot of tutorials I have found say you should use a glue gun, some felt for backing & just go about twisting the fabric the same way until you are done. But I don't have a glue gun (shocking, I know) & no felt to speak of (just some homeade felt but it's too thick for backing). Plus, glue tends to dry out here in the desert and I want this beauty to last. So I just use my needle & thread, fold & twist the fabric however I want, and end up with these super cute flowers. Along the way I've discovered that a thimble would be very handy. Sometimes it's really hard to get that needle all the way through those layers of fabric & my poor teeth do not like the feel of metal as I bite down to pull it through. I get the heebeejeebees just thinking about it.

Waaay cute :)

Today is a good day. I am signing up for Elsie's Indie Business Class. So excited!! What are you up to today??

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  1. OMG Anna! That headband is sooooo so cute!! I would definitely take some off your hands! :)


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