I spent the whole morning (minus the hour my friend came over so we could ice delicious sugar cookies for some ladies at church & our kids could play) cutting, gluing & tracing. I'm in charge of the Valentine's Day art project for my son's 2nd grade class. The school has a closet full of art supplies that are only to be used for Art Masterpiece (an art program used at the school) and inside was one medium-sized shoe box that was kind of lacking in supplies & was specifically designated for holiday projects. Oh brother. After rummaging through it I realized I was going to have to get creative with what was on hand. So I went through all the construction paper & took out every sheet of pink & red. There is a "first come first serve" policy with Art Masterpiece supplies. I think I was the "first come" part. :D So today I spent the whole morning working on my long counter in the kitchen (and yes, Mr. Cabinet planner man, I am so glad I put all the appliances on one side of our galley kitchen so that I could have one long countertop on the other side).

I only have 30 minutes to help sixteen 2nd graders make this project. I hope they can keep up! I decided to prepackage supplies to save time & confusion.

This is the final product. One lovey heart-shaped door hanging. I am going to do a practice run on my son just to see how long it takes him to make one of these babies.

I had forgotten how messy white glue can be.......

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