I am making room in my scrappy heart for Sassafras. I have always loved the look of their products but could never seem to figure out how to use them. For the longest time, I thought I would have to magically turn into a creative genius in order to scrap with their stylin' stuff. But I got sick of wishing I knew how to scrap with Sass & decided to take the plunge. After a not so quick trip to my LSS (it's an hour away!) I came home & got to work. And I am officially in love. Yes, true scrappy love. Bliss. Heaven. Whatever.....I like it. Here's what I came up with this last week. Enjoy!

"rough & tough"

I made those flowers from old jeans & material I ordered from Above All Fabrics, added some old checkers, & part of the lid from a milk carton (see the green ring??).

"he's 3"

Are you a Sassaholic?

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  1. That monster line was one of my all time faces!! Love what you did with all the great materials.


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