I love country decor that blends well with my modern tastes. Everything about it makes me feel so homey & cozy. The same way I feel when I visit my grandma's home in Bear Lake. It's filled with lovely old things. By now, most of you know I live in Arizona. Southern Arizona. And if you've ever been here, you know it's hard to come by a house that doesn't fall into the cookie cutter style with a stucco exterior & rocks in the front yard. So when we decided to move 4 years ago, we wanted something original. My husband found original. It was in a town I refused to live in. It had only 4,000 people & no grocery stores or gas stations. I only like visiting small towns. I'm really more of a suburban kind of girl. I wouldn't come look at the house even though he wanted me to. I remember him being afraid to tell me he had looked at it without even telling me....ha ha. Not because he thought I'd go psycho on him or anything - just because he knew I did NOT want to live in that particular town. But I caved in & went with him to look at it the next day. It needed a LOT of work. But it was a single story red brick ranch-style house. It was original. And I knew it had potential. Four years later, we've done lots to it. Our original kitchen was scary - dark wood cabinets with handles that my in-laws have in their kitchen that was also built in the 70's, mold under the sink, a stovetop that only had one burner that didn't make a popping sound when in use, and lights that were broken above. Like I said - scary. But now we have a bright country kitchen complete with a farm sink & creamy white distressed cabinets. But I am lacking in the decor side of things. I need some country things to perk it up & found these fabulous finds at Farmhouse Wares (I found the link to their site from The Lettered Cottage blog) :

I am in love with white cakestands. This one is so pretty. I kind of have a thing for scalloped edges.

Or how about these little cupcake stands. This is the first time I've ever laid eyes on something like this & want a whole pantry shelf full of them.

No country home is complete without a wire basket. One day, I'll have chickens and collect their eggs in this:

And it's a little known fact that I am gaga for a set of yellow mixing bowls. Maybe my hubbs will suprise me with them one day ;)

Easter is almost here.....what exciting things do you have planned??

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  1. WOW! I'm loving the cupcake stands. I wish I could get my hands on some of those. I'm planning to bake some cupcakes for Easter with cute decorations on them. I can't wait! These would make for a beautiful presentation. I will post them up when I'm done.


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