I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I had a relaxing weekend with the family (Although Easter dress shopping with Nana was a little hectic with 4 kiddles in tow. And to celebrate our dress finding success, we hopped on over to In-N-Out for burgers & shakes. Yum-o!). As tradition goes in our little family, Easter eggs had to be dyed for the Bunny. I let each of the kids dye 2 eggs - one decorated with circle stickers & the other with a letter sticker (to represent their first initial).

This is Nonee (No, it's not his real name. I only use nicknames here to somewhat protect my kids' privacy ;) ) He's a very messy helper.

The end result - pretty eggs all in a row. The pink worked great but the other colors were all kinda blah. Probably because I didn't have the vinegar the directions said I needed to add to the other colors. It was in super fine print. I usually ignore super small words - uh oh.
I did read in Martha Stewart's magazine that brown eggs dye much better than white. Now I have an even better reason to get some chickens. Yes, I want chickens. But since we're in the process of selling our house, that would be a no-go at the moment. But one day I will.......
Do you have any animals??

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