Ruffles are so cute these days. So why not add a little to a shirt or two? Here's how:

step 1: gather materials
old shirt that you're willing to cut up
cute shirt to put the ruffle on
shape cut out of cardstock (heart, circle, star, etc.)
pencil or fabric pencil

step 2: cutting template
draw a small-ish shape on your cardstock & cut it out. This will be your template. Your shape should not be larger than the palm of your hand.
**For my example, I freehanded a heart shape.

step 3: cutting shapes
Trace your template shape onto your old shirt several times. Cut them all out.
**I cut out 20 hearts for my example.

step 4: sewing on shapes
Fold your shape in half & then in half again. Take the middle corner & sew it onto your shirt with your thread & needle (double up your thread & knot at one end). Make sure you've decided exactly where you want your ruffle to be before you begin sewing. Sew your shapes close together to achieve a full, gathered flower look.

step 5: you're done!
Wear your stylish shirt out on the town. Or put one together for your little girl & make her day (like I did!).

Ruffles are way easy & are such a super cute way to spruce up that old shirt. Have you ruffled lately?? Leave me a link so I can oooh & ahhhh. :D

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