I had a nice day with the hubbs yesterday. We stopped by The Cheesecake Factory for lunner (you know, the meal you sometimes eat between lunch & dinner). I ordered a grande burrito that is big enough to feed a small village. I had leftovers for lunch today. And I still have some left.... Oh, & then we stopped at Michaels because he wanted to pay for this:

How sweet is that? Literally. We'll be up to our ears in cake :) I've been wanting to sign up for all 3 of the Wilton classes for years now. I'll be a cake-makin' fool soon enough. I'm so excited!!

Okay, onto today's Make It Monday Project. Aprons are all the rage right now, but I am a novice sewer at best. Have no fear because this project was so super easy that I know all of you can do it too. The one I'm showcasing today was made at a church activity with my 11 yr. old. We made hers there & I brought mine home to show you how to make one. Aren't I nice?? :D Let's get started making cute aprons for you & your daughter (or neice, cousin, etc.).

step 1: gather your materials

2 yards of coordinating fabric (one yard of each kind of fabric)
sewing machine & thread
measuring tape (I used a t-square)
iron & ironing board

step 2: cutting fabric
Measure & cut one piece of fabric 22in. x 22in. Cut another piece 17in. x 17in. from the other piece of fabric. The larger square will be for the adult apron and the smaller square will be for the child apron.

For the bottom of each apron, take the coordinating piece of fabric & find its longest side. You will need to cut one piece of coordinating fabric for the bottom of each apron that is 6in. wide by however long your apron is long (it's okay if the strip you cut is longer than the square. it will be cut down to size later). You will also need to cut 3 more strips like this for the smaller apron, using the same fabric as the bottom strip. And you will need 4 strips of 6in. wide strip of coordinating fabric for your larger apron.

step 2: sewing strips together & iron

Sew your 6in. pieces together to make one long strip (make sure to leave one strip for the bottom - not sewing it to the other pieces). Then fold your material in 1/4 in. on all sides & press with an iron. Then fold the long strip down the middle & press with your iron.Then fold the sides of each end to make an arrow shape (as shown in the 2nd picture of this step).

Now iron the coordinating strip for the bottom of your apron as shown in the first picture of this step. Now you are ready to attach your bottom piece to the apron.

step 3: attach coordinating piece to the bottom

Lay your square of fabric over the bottom strip. The bottom of your square should line up with the center of your strip. Now fold the top of the strip up so the large square is sandwiched between. Pin it & sew along the top of the strip to attach it to the square.

See how my bottom strip is barely too short? Just open up the ironed edge to meet up with the edge of your large square. The sides will be sewn up in the next step, so the raw edge will never show.

step 4: sewing the sides

Fold the sides of your apron in once & then again so you have a nice clean fold. Start at the bottom and work your way up. You can iron before you pin, but it's not necessary.

Pin as you go.
Now sew all up the edge, removing the pins so you don't damage your machine. The picture below shows what your bottom piece & side will look like.

step 5: sewing the top

Open your long top strip of coordinating fabric that is already ironed. Find the center of your strip and the center of your square & meet them up together. Fold the top strip over your material. Pin your strip to your square. Now you can sew. Begin on one end (as shown in the picture below) and sew along the bottom of your strip. You do not need to sew the top of the strip.
step 6: you're done!! :)
Wear your super cute apron & bake something sweet!

I put this together in less than an hour. Now that's my kind of project! If you make one, I'd love to see :D

happy sewing


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  1. Great tutorial! It's great to show step by step so even beginners can do it!

    I'd love to take a cake decorating class too! It would be so fun!

    Stop by my blog for a giveaway!!


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