It's been a long 2 weeks. You know how sometimes you need to take a break from something so that you feel like you can tackle it better when you're good & ready?? That's how I've been feeling.

My daughter & I have been seeing specialists for completely different reasons. Right now, we are in a lull, just counting the days till our next visits. In 13 days, I will know why I've been so tired. And I'm pretty sure my doc will tell me there is something I can do about it. For me, this will drastically change my life. For those of you who are constantly tired, you know that those brief periods (sometimes just minutes in a day) when you have energy are true bliss.

My little Tot, on the other hand, has something that has drastically changed our lives. It's called Encopresis. Yes, it is curable. But we have been doing the same treatments with no success for several months. From all of this, I have decided that I am her mother & that I need to take a stand and help her get the best medical care there is. So on Monday, I will begin searching for a new gastroenterologist. I need a second opinion. I need to know that there are more options out there for Tot.

So that's why I haven't been around here much. I'm not going to apologize. Lots of bloggers go through no-posting periods. This is mine. However, I've kinda had an a-ha moment 4 days ago. My spark is back. I am busy in my little office making new goodies for my future etsy shop. Ideas are in the works & it's exciting to see my little dream coming to life. I can't wait to share it with you :)

Much love,

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