Good Eats: Chimichangas

This week's Good Eats will make your mouth water.  I'm drooling right now just thinking about the super delicious (AND super easy, I might add!) chimichangas we had last week for dinner.  I got this recipe from the amazing Stephanie at Crockpot 365.  She cooked a meal in her crockpot every single day for an entire year.  I know, amazing, right??  She's got all of her recipes on her blog & I just couldn't pass up making her recipe for chimichangas. 

To make things easier, follow this link to her delicious chimi recipe.

Note:  The recipe doesn't mention when to add the onion.  I added it at the same time as the cans of tomatoes.

We had tons of leftover meat, so I took it to my son's Cub Scout Bike Rodeo that Saturday.  We served the meat with hamburger buns.  I brought barbeque sauce just in case someone wanted it, but no one did.  I was busy helping my little ones ride their bikes, but my hubby said everyone LOVED it.  I'm definitely gonna throw this recipe into my Make This Again pile :)

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