Make It Monday: Decorating Ideas

I'm posting today's Make It Monday super late today - sorry!  It's been a loooong day.  So on to the good stuff :)  This month's Make It Monday posts will be filled with Halloween DIY's & lots of inspiration - I have lots of fun things to share!! 

Today, let's talk Halloween decor.  Are you a minimalist when it comes to decorating or do you go all out?  I'm kind of in the middle.  It's taken me 13 years (my entire married life - sad, I know.) to figure out just what my decorating style is.  So I never bought very many decorations because I didn't want to invest in something that wouldn't match everything else.  Now that I've got that figured out (oh, my style is modern country w/a vintage twist - how's that for long & maybe confusing?) decorating should be a cinch :) 

Here are a handful of sweetly decorated areas of the home that have caught me eye this week:

I love how this entrance is perfect for Fall and Halloween.  Once Halloween is over, the pumpkins & gourd ghosts can be removed.  The rest can be left up through Thanksgiving.  Perfect!

This decorating idea is so clever!  Simply cut off the handle of the pumpkin (you know, the hard viney thing you hold it by.  Does it have a technical name?  Because if it does I don't know it.), add painted black twigs where the handle once was & hang cute bats with orange string from its branches.  Oh, & by the way, I am in love with this side table.  Seriously in love.

I just love the mix of black, white & orange in this room.  Small pumpkins are the cutest and with them, more really is merrier.  And see those candy dishes??  I must have them!


Having a party??  This would be such a cute table for your guests to linger by & munch on popcorn, cookies & other delicious treats.  Mmmmm....my mouth is starting to water.  (note to self:  do a Make It Monday: Recipes post).
ps - don't you just love that bouquet of all black flowers.  it's super cool.

I hope this gets you into the decorating spirit if you haven't begun already.  I still have a few things to put up tonight - like our semi-spooky tree that seems like it can only be put together by 2 people, so I will have to wait for the hubbs to get home.

Stay tuned for a post of my Halloween-ish home decor on Wednesday!!

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