Make It Monday: Fabulous Pocket Apron

I'm so glad you're here for Make It Monday!! Today's project is a super cute apron. I made this for some little kids at church that have singing time. I thought this would be a fun way for the kids to choose songs to sing. Don't get it?? You'll see...... Let's get started!

Step 1: Cut squares of fabric to make pockets
The size of your squares will depend on how many you want on your apron. My apron has 5 squares & each square was 6 x 6in. My squares are cut from fabric scraps I have in my stash.

Step 2: Iron & Sew
Iron your squares in the following way: Fold up the bottom & press. Fold in the sides & press. Fold the top down & press. Keep the pocket upside down as you sew (folds should be facing upward). Then sew each pocket, starting with the bottom, the sew the sides & then sew the top. Now you have a flat pocket. Be sure to sew on toward the inside of the fold because you will sew the pocket onto the apron toward the outside edge of the fabric
next. Once you've sewn the pocket, turn it over & sew along the top again only this time on the outer edge. You should have 2 sewn edges on the top now.

Step 3: Pin & Sew
Pin your pockets in place. The top of your pockets are already sewn twice so be sure that they open on top. I just pinned the sides & they stayed in place just fine when I sewed them on. Don't forget to remove the pins as you sew. Be sure to sew along the outer edge of the pocket. Do not sew the top of the pocket - this needs to be left open so that you can hide little things inside!!

Step 4: Add a cute border on the bottom
Add a fun ruffle on the bottom for added cuteness! I like raw edges so I tore a scrap piece of fabric & sewed it on in a cute, messy way.

Step 5: Enjoy!!
Now you have a super cute AND useful apron! The kids at church will be able to pick a card or picture out of the pockets each week that will tell them which song they will get to sing. An apron like this would be super fun for moms to use with their little ones that aren't in school yet or even for preschoolers that get to do fun activities.

Oh, & I should mention that I did not make the apron this time. I found one at church that was not being used. So this tutorial is just a fun way to make a boring apron FABULOUS!

I hope you enjoyed today's Make It Monday. Did you share it with someone? Made one for yourself or someone you know?? Post a link so I can check it out!!

Happy Monday,

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  1. Oh, super-cute!! :) Love the pockets so much (handy!) and the trim at the bottom is so cute!


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