Make It Monday: Quicky Birthday Card

I'm super happy you're here for Make It Monday!  Okay, so today's project is easy, quick AND cute.  How can you resist that??!  Plus, it's so stinkin' easy that your kids can make them on their own once they've made just one.  So let's get started:

step 1: by premade blank cards
I found some cute premade polkadot cards in the $1 section at Target.

step 2: add a cute sticker to the front
I let my Tater Tot choose a feltie Sassafras sticker from my scrappy stash.  Then I had her put it in the bottom right corner. 

step 3: add a phrase inside using letter stickers
Tot wanted to make a birthday card for her friend, so I sounded out each letter she would need to spell out Happy Birthday.  It made it a fun little game for her & she ended up with a cute card to boot!

Oooh oooh!  I have a special announcement:  There will be 4 Make It Monday posts in October.  That's right.  I said 4!!!!  I may even get a little overzealous and throw in an extra project or 2.  Fabulous fun is in store!!  Spread the word - I love followers ;)

Happy Monday,

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    love the simlicity of your blog.



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