So I've been thinking a lot lately about this blog & my desires to take my crafting to the next level & such. And I've decided to make things a bit regular around here. Now, I am a mom to 4 crazy kids (2 are crazier than the others) and so I can't guarantee a perfect blog schedule. Life just happens sometimes. But I have come up with some fun things that I hope you will enjoy.

  • Make It Monday - I've already been doing this, but not regularly. I tried it once a week for a month, but only got to week 3. So I will be doing this every first Monday of each month. Totally do-able ;)
  • Good Eats - Half my existence revolves around food since I am a mom and all. So I thought I would share some yummy things we like to eat around here. And even what we don't. I'll post a yummy dinner idea once a week.
  • Vintage Finds - Posting about this will come & go. When one is on a tight budget & vintage around these parts is super hard to find (I do live in the middle of the dessert ya know) there will not be much to blog about unless something online catches my eye or I just happen to find something fabulous while traveling north.
  • Scrapbooking - This is something I love to do but haven't for a while. So this will get me back into the game. I have something fun up my sleeve for this one.
There will be other things too, like etsy inspiration, guest interviews, giveaways & some other fun things. I've been making lists. Now I just have to check things off :)
Let the fun begin tomorrow. I have some Good Eats to share!
See ya,

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  1. Can't wait. I love your blog!


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