happy friday!!

I'm so ready for the weekend to begin people.  I made muffins this morning (hello, yum!).  They're still too hot to eat but will be ready just in time for Snack Time. 

 I managed to finish up this treat bag for Tater Tot last night.  Sewing the ruffle along the bottom was killer because the bag was premade & kinda thick.  It took a lot of forcing to get it sewn in just the right place. 

Want another Halloween decor idea??  This one is simple & sure to please.  Grab an old mirror (mine was a consignment store find) & halloween fabric to make this spooky wall hanging.  I just used leftover fabric from the treat bags I made for my boys. 

 Okay, so this picture frame has been on our wall for months without a picture in it.  I just know that's where I want the frame to go so I hung it anyway.  Any suggestions as to what I should frame in it??

I'll be snuggling lots with this little boy today.  Can you tell he's excited for Halloween??  Heck yes he is!  No that's not his costume - he's going to be a cowboy.  And he's in heaven just thinking about it ;)

Happy Fabulous Friday!!

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