Make It Tuesday: treat bags

The hubbs & I spent 2 evenings watching Wyatt Earp a couple of weeknights ago.  I am typically not a Kevin Costner fan, but this movie was so well done.  It was so well done, in fact, that we decided it would be cool to take our kiddos to see the very same OK Corral where Mr. Earp once stood.   The old town of Tombstone is just a 2 hour drive from where we live, so we decided to make it a fun day trip.  If you live in AZ (or not) & have never been, you should go.   Our boys were a big hit with the cowboys roaming the town, getting high fives from some because they were sporting new badges & hats from home.  Mr. Earp (whom we had seen in the OK Corral shootout) complimented Booga on his black attire.  It was pretty sweet.

So that's what we were up to on Monday.  And today proved to be another long day, only today we didn't leave the house.  Lots of chores were done, instrument (violin) practiced, book reports written out, bicycles were ridden, booktime on the couch was done & a little treat of fudge was had just after teeth time (I'm a bad mommy, I know, hee hee). 

But I also got around to making these cute treat bags & wanted to share them with ya!   So the story is that I bought these plain black canvas bags at Target a couple of years ago, just after Halloween.  They were on a shelf with other misc. items that were deeply discounted.  I can't remember how much I paid for each, but it was something like $1.  And there just happened to be 4 of them - the exact number I needed.  Perfect.

 But plain black is boring & blah.  I decided this would be the year to cuten them up a bit.  I found some cool Halloween fabric on sale at JoAnn's, along with some trim & a new package of Wonder Under. 

The top was a piece of cake!  I made a ruffle, sewing it down the center & then sewed a piece of orange ball trim on top of the center of my ruffle.  Too cute!!

In the bottom right corner (if you're facing the bag) I made a large yo-yo out of the same fabric I used for the ruffle.  It kind of sparkles & I just love it.  Plus, I needed something a little more sophisticated than cute ghosts & witches for my 12 yr. old.  This fabric was perfect!  I layered a black & white button in the center for added cuteness.

The boys needed something a little more on the....well.....boyish side. So I got them fabric with a cool print that kind of shimmers. With the help of a breakfast bowl, I drew this skeletal shape. Then I worked some magic with Wonder Under (which I LOVE, by the way. I've never used it but now I am totally addicted.) After it was stuck in place, I embroidered an edge around the whole shape & the eyes.

 Then I did some embroidered lines for the mouth.

To finish it off, I added pearls for eyes.  Fun, eh??

I can't wait for Halloween this year so the kids can actually use their new cute bags! 

More Halloween goodness to come!

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