adding to the list

I forgot to put a couple of things on my list.  I forget things.  It's what I do.  ;)

So please add to my wish list:
1.  These cute Neo Blythe dolls.  Um, can we say cuuuuute?  Even grown up girls like dolls.  Find em' on ebay.

2. This framed picture of the Mesa Arizona Temple.  It's where the hubbs & I were married 13.5 years ago.  It would be nice to have this hanging in our living room.  And you can get it for a killer price right now!

3.  This, I think we (as in me & the hubbs) need most of all.  We've had PC's for the last 13 years & want to switch to an apple.  A laptop would be super handy & since both of our current computers are on the fritz, this would be the best prezzie ever.

Okay, so now I'm really done with my wish list. 

Happy day before Thanksgiving!

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