makin' a list, checkin' it twice

I thought it would be fun to share the items on my wish list this year.  I admit my taste is expensive, but a girl can wish, right?? ;) 

So.......in no particular order, I would just die if any of the following were under the tree this year.

A Nikon D90 (I'm going on year 3 of asking for this baby.  Yes, she's pricey, but I'm gonna put her to very good use.)  Oh, & she's at the top of the list because I want her the most.

And of course I will need a cute camera bag to go with my new camera.  This stylish JoTotes bag in teal is fab.u.lous.

 I've been searching for a print to frame & hang in my bedroom.  This one is perfection.  The hubbs doesn't mind at all that it's pink & I say "the end" at the end of many of my sentences when I'm serious.  Actually, I say "Period.  The end."  But this is close enough ;)
 We've survived a whole year (maybe longer....) without a toaster.  That's a big deal for someone who had toast on an almost daily basis.  This one from Dualit caught my eye (I found it on Amazon & Target.com).  It's pretty, functional & retro.  Plus, it toast 4 slices of bread & that would surely speed things up for the 6 of us. 

Isn't this one dreamy?????  Oh my.  I have no pink decor in my kitchen but I would be willing to make some changes if this were to grace my countertop.  I'm pretty sure there's one that toasts 4 slices as well.  But alas, this one will be out of my price range till all my debt is paid off & all of my kids are done with college, living on their own & paying for their own toasters.  

Yes, this is a cow bell.  This handy dandy bell will be rung from my kitchen when dinner is ready.  That way I don't have to yell for the kids to "come 'n' eat" anymore :D

And, finally, a pretty soap dish to go in our bathroom.  I've started felting soap (it lasts much longer) but I need some pretty soap dishes for the soap to rest in.  This one is purdy.

So there you have it folks.  My wish list.  There's much more I'd love to ask for but these lovelies top my list.  I just noticed I have quite the matching color scheme going on, ha ha ha.  Aqua has always been my favoritist of favorite colors & I kinda have a thing for pink right now.

What's on your Christmas wish list??
Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Dearie,

    I love your list. I hope Santa makes it happen. This year I am "wishing" for a new dress, a cardigan, some shirts, make-up, a poem from my husband, jammies, and books.

    Here's to always making a wish list. It's fun.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie


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