losing teeth

The tooth fairy has been to our house this week.  Tatum lost 2 of her front bottom teeth within 2 days of eachother.  I was tired of putting teeth under pillows in a plain old envelope for the Tooth Fairy.  And of course she always forgot to visit & replace the teeth with money.  Sometimes for weeks.  Of course.   So I made a solution.  Ta da!

Now the Tooth Fairy can simply come to the door & replace the teeth & note my daughter left her in the pocket with moolah & a little reminder for Tate to brush her teeth.  Good thing I have an obediant daughter who went & brushed her teeth as soon as she was done reading the note. 

 This sweet little project took me about an hour total & I used items from my fabric & ribbon stash (some Meadowsweet (I think!), a pink shoelace, denim, flat batting for filling).   I already have a request from my little guy to make one for him. I told him he needs to start losing teeth first ;)

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