Oh Christmas Tree

It was my birthday last week & the best part of my day was spending it with 2 sweet friends.  We crafted up some cute paper Christmas trees & chatted the morning away.  It was so nice to get out of the house & have some girl time.  (Thanks for the pic, Sarah! )

I'm trying not to get into the Christmas mood just yet.  Thanksgiving tops my list of favorite holidays & it's just around the corner (next week!).  I'm super excited to spend the day with family.  My uncle is an amazing cook & I can't wait to eat some turkey & ham.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it ;)

On my agenda today:
1.  cheauffer the kids to & from school
2.  take Booga with me to the grocery store
3.  take care of a sick hubby
4.  help Boo finish her book report
5.  FHE (family time)
6.  squeeze in a nap

How's your Monday shaping up?

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