rediscovering: taking time for the little things

Hey there.  Today is rediscovering post 3.  Glad you're here.  Honestly, though, I hardly ever get comments so if you are here.....please say hello :)  It would make my day.

One of the hardest things for me, but I am working quite hard at, is to take time for the little things.  You know, like helping your little girl paint her nails because it makes her happy.

It is so easy as a parent to get caught up in what you're doing.  So much so that when your child asks you for help with something, you keep telling them to "hold on a minute".  Everyone knows that "minute" turns into several.  It can be heartbreaking at times for the child.  Yes, I am totally guilty of this.  Well, I used to be.  When my kids ask me for something, I give them my attention, help them get their glass of water or whatever, & go back to what I was doing.  It has saved my little ones so many tears & me so much frustration.  I want them to know that they can come to me with anything.  Doing the little things for them helps build their trust in me.

Taking time for the little things is hard to do when you've got 4 kids & a hectic routine that lasts for the better part of each & every day.  That's when you have to squeeze in those bonding moments.  I'm learning to squeeze (& have the energy for it.....which is a whole other post topic....).  My best memories as a child were ones where my mom took time with us to do the little things - like making bowls & fake food out of the hunk of clay she would bring home every so often....or going to see the Pittsburgh Philharmonic play the 1812 Overture on the 4th of July while we sat on some grass with hundreds of others.  I thought my life was somewhat magical because of those moments.  Thank you Mamacita. 

What are you doing to take time out of your crazy life for those you love??
Happy Wednesday,

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  1. One of my favorite things that my Mom did for me and made time for was sewing. She taught me how to sew. I am no pro by all means but it was a bonding time that I cherish. I am sure your children love you very much for all you do :) Anna your blog is fun!

    In regards to your last post, I am the same way. I have always been that way though, I think I got that from my Mom. I was going to school to be an art major but having to move so much, my credits are scattered. I was lucky while in my college days to have Del Parsons as an art teacher, he is my favorite artist for our church. I love arts, crafts and cooking. I think it gives me a sense of accomplishment. You make such cute things :) Thank you for your blog! I hope you do not mind me taking a peek now and then and leaving a comment or two:) Melody


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