5 Merry & Bright DIY's: Day 4

Hello friends :)  It's overcast today with a bit of chill in the air.  It finally feels a little bit like Christmas here in the desert.  As promised, today I am back with another fun DIY for the holidays.  Actually, today's post is more of a DIY idea than an actual DIY with instructions.  An instruction post would be quite lengthy.  I'm up for it if I get enough requests, though.

My sweet hubbs and I were in charge of a church Christmas party last weekend.  I had the fun task of creating centerpieces for 17 tables.  My first idea just wasn't going to work out so I headed to my favorite scrapbook store - Scrapbooks Etc. - and picked out lovely Christmas papers with my husband & find some inspiration.  He is an even better shopper than me & always finds good stuff before I do.   Case in point: While hunting for papers, he overheard some little girls talking about some paper that had a house on it.  Mike found it in about 10 seconds and asked them if that was the paper they were looking for.  And it was!  Back to the story....as we were walking up to the counter to pay for our paper, Mike spotted a mini version of another centerpiece idea I had.  I was giddy.  I had no idea how to make 17 of them, but found directions for the cones online after hours of searching and came up with this:

Martha Stewart glitter rocks.  And it's messy.  But still, it totally rocks.

The back must look just as fabulous as the front.  Cosmo Cricket sure does make lovely papers.

For the party, I took a piece of green flower foam (found at Michaels) and cut a small piece to fit into a quart size jar.  Then I stuck 2 sticks into the foam (sticks are shown in the first photo).  Finally, I carefully filled the jars with white navy beans.  The tables looked amazing.  Sadly, I have no pictures from that night.  I was too busy playing hostess.  And I would have loved to show you how the centerpieces looked altogether, but the jars ended up going home with the people who I borrowed them from.  Sigh.  So you will just have to imagine the prettiness of them all. 

I'll be back tomorrow with DAY 5 of DIY's!!


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  1. So neat Anna! I am sorry I missed out on the party and seeing all the wonderful decor. I heard from Sarah it was a hit! So neat! I love glitter as well...it is just fun and you can never have enough! Have a great date with the hubby, you deserve it! Your blog is great!


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