holiday rush

I was reviewing the past year & am still quite shocked that it will be over in a few short weeks.  There is so much to do that I never accomplished, but so much was done that was never expected.  Life surely has a funny way of balancing out.  Speaking of balancing, I've got lots on my plate between today and Sunday.  No time for blogging or the like.  I will be finishing up the ornaments for a Christmas party, deciding on final details for said Christmas party,  putting up Christmas lights with the family, attending my daughter's 2nd basketball game that is a 2 hour drive round-trip!, folding lots & lots of laundry, going to church & choir practice, drinking hot chocolate & hopefully not going too crazy.

I will be back next week with a fun holiday post every day of the week!  I'll be sharing simple ways to make your season bright.  Can't wait to share :)

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