crossing over

I have a cousin who loves to dress funky - a perfect mix of vintage & new in big, bold patterns & bright, fun colors.  And she always looks fabulous.  For years I've secretly wished I could dress like that.  Feel brave in my own skin.  But I'm just to shy for that. 

In recent months, I've sort of come to terms with myself, my body & my style.  I've figured out that I truly love vintage and thrifted items & that I want more of it in my wardrobe and my home.  I've figured out that I don't have to fit the cookie cutter mold that seems so common where I live.  The Mr. has had a similar epiphany as well.  About the same time as me.  It's a little scary how much we think alike sometimes. 

So now trips to local thrift shops win over trips to stores we used to visit often.  Good vintage is hard to find in our neck of the woods.  But we look anyway.  And sometimes we find good stuff.

I look forward to sharing our thrifty finds with you all - and how we are making it a permanent part of our lives.

Have a lovely day!

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