the doctor

Several months ago, I took Nonee in for a rountine wellness visit.  He was a little behind on his shots & that did not go over well.  I made a deal with The Mr. that every time Nonee has to see Dr. C & get immunizations, I would not be attending such an event.  I am gladly leaving it to the man with muscles to hold down our extremely strong 4 year old.

Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa, shots have become a little less terrifying.

Today, I take Tot to her gastroenterologist to see why her Encopresis is not improving.  She was diagnosed a year & a half ago and it's been a verrrrry long period of time in which to deal with it.  We thought she'd be better by now.  For those of you with kids that have had it, any advice??  I have found it hard to find much parental support & am seriously thinking about how that needs to change.  I have found parents need just as much support as their children.  I am hoping today's visit brings good news.

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