it's getting hot in here

I just about told the weatherman to shut his mouth when he put 98 degrees into his forecast this week.  Seriously??  It's only March for heaven sakes!  Warmer temps means more popsicles.

And upon finishing there must be his tradition of the breaking of the stick.  I'm pretty sure he likes to show off how strong he is ;)

On a side note....my posts have not been regular because I've been busy. And that's an understatement. I put on an outdoor party for just over 100 girls & women that go to church with me this past weekend. It was a huge success (I'll share little banners I made for it tomorrow). While there, a friend asked if I would make invitations for her school's Junior Prom. It took me 3 hours to order the paper supplies for all 150 invites last night. I'm exhausted & kinda wanted to keep my distance from computers this morning. So I spent my time in the kitchen, finishing up my cake for my final cake class tonight. We're learning the basketweave technique & I'm pretty giddy about it. It's the whole reason I took this class in the first place. Oh & did I mention I also woke up sick this morning. Nothing a nap & loads of vitamin C can't cure.

I've got a secret little project I'm finishing up for a new virtual friend & will share it with you soon!

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