triangles & twine

So I sort of have an obsession with triangles & bakers twine at the moment.  They are an irresistable combination.  I mentioned a party I was in charge of in my last post.  A light lunch was served & so it's obvious that tables would need decorating.  Small paper bunting was just the thing.  So I made up lots of them.

And put 11 of these on long tables.  There was a light breeze & they were somewhat magical blowing back & forth.

Vintage teacups & saucers also adorned each table and it was such a sweet thing to see.  I only wish I had pictures to show you but I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off - trying to make sure the luncheon was enjoyable for all the ladies, that there was enough food out on the serving table, that glass containers were filled with lemonade at all times & that kitchen duty was covered.  It was quite the little event.  And a lovely way to usher in Spring.

What lovely things are you doing now?

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